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Our mad scientists are  always working on new content in the areas of making small business' better and helping real estate investors be successful. We have some really cool things coming that you will want to be a part of.

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"I see all those people online saying Commercial Real Estate Investing is easy... Well, to most (99.9999854%) it's not."      

Are you looking for a way to get into commercial real estate investing? Do you want to be able to understand and master the basics of this complex field? If so, then the Commercial Real Estate Essentials Workbook is just what you need!

This workbook is packed with everything you need to know about commercial real estate investing, from the basics of financing and investments to more advanced concepts like Due diligence, Syndication and creating pro formas. It's all laid out in an easy-to-understand manner, so that you can get up to speed quickly and start making smart investment decisions right away.

But this program is more than just a dry textbook. It's also packed with real-world examples, important game changing content. 

1. Commercial Essentials Workbook - w/seventy-five (75) editable commercial documents, commercial checklists, contracts and real world case studies.

2. Commercial Real Estate Presentation with a comprehensive covering of relevant topics such as raising capital, investment location selection, analyzing deals, deal architecture, and so much more... 

3.Our famous system that will deliver you Multi-Family lessons, exercises and training videos right to your inbox for 6-months.

4. Access to our Commercial Essentials Private Facebook Page. 


I Need the Commercial Essentials LITE!

If you have a strong desire to make commercial/multi-family investing an avenue for you to earn a living... this product may be for you. Let's start designing a life!   

Commercial Essentials BASE 

This product includes the following: 

1. EVERYTHING in Commercial Essentials LITE

2. Group Coaching -

Weekly topics such as:
  • Deal Structure and Architecture
  • Raising Capital, Financing and Syndication. 
  • Property/Asset Management and more... 

3. Commercial Deal Analyzer  - Seamlessly analyze deals and understand not only if you should put in an offer, but how to structure your offer, based on what the numbers are telling you. 

     * This program is NOT for everyone. You will want to have a brief strategy call with our specialist to see if this is the right program for you to meet your goals. 



Request Invitation for a Strategy Call

If you would like the one-on-one guidance to become successful at commercial real estate investing. You are in the right spot!   

Commercial Essentials PLUS 

This product includes the following: 

    1. Everything in Commercial Essentials BASE. 
    2. Commercial Research/Marketing/CRM Software (Coming soon, currently being built out in the lab)
    3. Individual customized Strategy Plan and Blueprint for Commercial Investment, Including Location Selection(s). 
    4. Capital raise focused content and debt/lending evaluation.

    5. 24/One-on-One Coaching Calls with Your Commercial Coach. 
    6. Unlimited email coaching and support.
    7. Accountability Check-ins (we track your progress through our drip system to make sure you are on target to hit your goals)
    8. Commercial Real Estate "Flight School"
    9. Branding Package - A Day and a Half Mastermind in New York City to build your Brand for your Investing company. (Coming Soon, currently being built out in the lab)
     * This program is NOT for everyone. You will want to have a brief strategy call with our specialist to see if this is the right program for you to meet your goals.



Request Invitation for a Strategy Call

Commercial Real Estate Estate "Flight School"

Currently Being Built in the Content Lab - COMING SOON!

We come to your market for 2 DAYS!

One-on-One. This product is like a "lab" in school. A lot of it is done out in the "field". Just like someone learning to fly a plane, we provide the coaching, guidance and support you will need to increase the probability of getting your first (and many more) commercial deals under your belt! We either:

1. Come out to analyze and study your market. OR

2. Help you with your due diligence when you get your deal. 

This ONLY comes with Commercial Essentials PLUS!  


Grow your real estate business by using the strategies of Russian hackers... Ok, ok... well as long as you use this power for good. Real estate Agents/Brokers, this program will make you better and crush your goals.     

This 12-Module system will help you generate and close business in the toughest of economic times. Interest rates going up? Housing market slowing? Separate yourself from your competition by implementing these innovative strategies and get yourself to, what we call Basecamp I (5-8 closings/Month), Basecamp II (10-16 closings/Month) Basecamp III (15-24 closings/Month) and finally Basecamp IV (Teams). 


I Need A/B Blueprint!