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Our mad scientists are  always working on new content in the areas of making small business' better and helping real estate investors be successful. We have some really cool things coming that you will want to be a part of.

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Grow your real estate business by using the strategies of Russian hackers... Ok, ok... well as long as you use this power for good. Real estate Agents/Brokers, this program will make you better and crush your goals.     

This 12-Module system will help you generate and close business in the toughest of economic times. Interest rates going up? Housing market slowing? Separate yourself from your competition by implementing these innovative strategies and get yourself to, what we call Basecamp I (5-8 closings/Month), Basecamp II (10-16 closings/Month) Basecamp III (15-24 closings/Month) and finally Basecamp IV (Teams). 

I Need A/B Blueprint!

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40 Hours of FREE Training!(and growing...)

  • 10.5 hours of Multi-Family Video Training
  •  5 hours of Real Estate Creative Financing Video Training
  •  8 hours of Managing the Property Manager Video Training
  • 3.5 hour of Tax Lien/Deed Training
  • 3.5 hours of "Subject To" Video Training
  • 4 hours of Rehabbing Real Estate Video Training. 
(Almost 40 Hours of FREE training broken up into bite-size videos!)
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Agent/Broker Blueprint (Mortgage Loan Officer Edition) Currently Being Built in the Content Lab - COMING SOON!

Our classic program built specifically for the Mortgage Loan Officer business. This one product is being designed for the purpose of Loan Officers obtaining more leads and closing more deals in the environment of higher interest rates and and a declining housing market. 

Agent/Broker Blueprint (Insurance Agent Edition) Currently Being Built in the Content Lab - COMING SOON!

This is the insurance agent edition of our classic product. "This is not your Father's Insurance company!" The biggest competition to the insurance agent is technology. This product, will show you how to beat technology at it's own game and get you lifelong clients to build a re-occurring income while protecting your clients lives, cars, homes and businesses. 

Multi-Family Essentials

Currently Being Built in the Content Lab - COMING SOON!

Our flagship multi-family education product. This program has all of the training videos, exercises, plans, strategies, scope of work templates, etc. you will need to get the essentials down to be a multi-family investor! 

Commercial Real Estate Essentials Workbook

Currently Being Built in the Content Lab - COMING SOON!

You want a taste of our flagship product?  This workbook is just that! This 364-Page Masterpiece will give you a sense of the detailed content in our Commercial Essentials Program without a large investment.