Our Real Estate/Business Consulting Services

We don't just help you with implementing real estate investing and business building strategies. We assist in things that build a long term real estate investing business and heck, business in general. We help guide in making the right acquisition decisions, identify the perfect financing, and assist with quality operations to ensure the long term health and performance that a real estate business should have. On the general business side, we help you build(or save) the perfect business, no matter what industry you are in... 

What we deal with Regarding Real Estate  and Business...

Single Family House Flipping

One of the most popular real estate strategies. Mainly from the shows on networks, like HGTV. If you feel like you can't "flip" a house in 30 minutes, like they do on TV, we can help you. 

Wholesaling (Residential & Commercial)

Wholesaling? No, not like those wholesale clubs. We are talking about the possibility of making money without ever owning a piece of real estate. Sound interesting?

General Business Consulting/Creation/Raising Capital/Financing

Why do the biggest companies hire CEOs? Because they know that this position is vital to the success of any business. Let us be your "pocket CEO". We can help your business, no matter what industry you are in! 

Air B&B Investing/Short Term Rentals

This strategy absolutely has exploded over the last few years. We can help you create a business plan, that will put the big boy "hotels" to shame. 


Our flagship topic. We can help you become a real estate mogul... well, at least get you on your way. Let us help you take advantage of a higher velocity of money that only this sector can bring. 

Property Management & Business Operations

Operations... Nothing happens in business or real estate without a solid ops plan.  Call it "special ops" because our extraordinarily run business' are anything but ordinary. Let us help your business become extraordinary.  

What Our Clients Say...


Dave Seymour, A&E’s/Bio’s Hit TV Show Flipping Boston

“I’m known for teaching people how to flip houses, but when I want to buy apartment buildings, I go to John Dessauer. I have made great money using his strategies!”

Consulting Plans 

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There is a reason big business' hire CEOs to run their companies...