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My Writings are Based on the following: In my business career, I have started several successful businesses, in the real estate, hospitality, environmental, educational and retail sectors. My clients have been made up of individual consumers, small business and ironically, Fortune 500 clients, as that is also who I have competed against.

I have also however, had my fair share of challenges and failures in my business and real estate career. It's probably the best reason I can help in real estate consulting/coaching with someone. It’s in those failures, that my writings guide the entrepreneur through a journey that provides safe harbor for their adventure.

Real Estate H2O

Quench your thirst in a parched economy.


Why real estate investing? This book will not only tell you why, but it will give you a great start to success!

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Apartment Confidential 

Information so valuable it should be kept a secret! 


Apartment Confidential translates the complexities of navigating the commercial rental market into detailed, practical, straightforward steps that anyone can follow. Whether you want to...


The Alchemy of Wealth

A review of Wallace Wattles 1910 classic "The Science of getting Rich"


“There is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like...



Crash. Burn. Rebuild...


Most, if not all individuals, business’ and even countries crash and burn. But, not all re-build. That may be the best indication of strength, determination and ultimately success. You see, a lot of people have success, but is it repeatable after disaster? That is exactly what this book is about.

X Marks the Spot

Pirate Rules for Business (minus pillaging and plundering)


"Why join the Navy, when you can be a Pirate?" - Steve Jobs. Obviously, he turned out to be a controversial, but good business leader. Pirate rules are one of the most underrated strategies of modern business. 

Coming 2022!

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